After School Martial Arts

Now taking Registrations!
The perfect alternative to day care.

School Closing Day Camp

Your child can have a place to go to have fun and learn Martial Art during school closings.

Summer Camp

Now taking Registrations!
Ages 5 and Up. Each Day will include new activities!

Welcome to Competitive Edge Martial Arts Training Center

Competitive Edge offers highly individualized and exciting martial arts programs for children, teens and adults of all ages, physical abilities, and skill levels. Our center is committed to offering the very best martial arts programs in a fun, open, informative, and family-centered environment.

About Competitive Edge

Our programs include the martial arts of Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Supplemental programs include Cardio-Conditioning Classes, Taekwondo Competition, Women’s Self-Defense and Private Intense Training.

From beginners to advanced black belts, we help our members to achieve their best. Each member is viewed as an individual and will never be compared to someone else. Our purpose is simple–to help ALL members “discover the champion in each of us”–with a focus on mind and body fitness, self defense, and fun!


Transitioning Back Safely with your Family in Mind
  • We practice intense cleaning protocols.
  • All students need to provide their own equipment, water, hand sanitizer and masks.
  • We will be taking students temperatures as they walk into the gym.
  • Please keep your child home if they are experiencing any symptoms or feel under the weather.

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What People are saying about Competitive Edge

My child attends Competitive Edge for a several reasons. The program structure met my parental needs, in terms of being able to stay at work until closing time. What my child receives is actually beyond child care. At one point I arrived to pick my child up and the kids were collectively not having a "best behavior day". Without yelling one of the instructors was able to get all of the kids to settle down and listen. She asked them if they wanted thier parents to think of them as professional and polished and in a less than ten minutes the kids were focused and on task. Of course, there will be wiggly ninja's in the line-up but instead of hearing "You are doing it wrong" the kids are hearing "Do Ninja's wiggle?". The kids have a sense of community, they help each other and it is obvious that the instructors have earned the kids' respect.
Sascha Newberg
The boxing training is legitimate. Brandon really knows what he is doing and has real ring experience. The class is casual to serious all depending on what you want. Brandon’s teaching style could not be any better to me, and I’ve been to many different gyms. Also, at almost 50, I can still participate, get in a good workout, and not get hurt. I highly recommend the boxing classes!
Michael Young
We have the whole family enrolled and are really enjoying the experience - especially the fact that there are several teachers. This gives us a great breadth of perspective. Each instructor brings their own unique focus - forms, fitness, or technique.
The Talatys Ambler

our goal is to foster a family-like and fun atmosphere in which to learn and train in the Martial Arts

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