Our Instructors

Competitive Edge’s five senior instructors are advanced black belts with extensive martial arts and teaching experience. The staff also includes state, national and international martial arts champions. Our lead instructor and curriculum specialist, Dr. O’Donnell, holds doctorate degrees in education and child psychology.

Marie O'Donnell, EdD PsyD

4th degree black belt (Pediatric Psychologist, Instructional and Curriculum Specialist)

Forms and Sparring:

  • 3 time International Champ
  • 6 time National Champ
  • 4 time PA State and Eastern Regionals Champ

Brandon Monroe

Brandon is our head instructor with 23 years of martial arts experience, Brandon is a 4th degree blackbelt in taekwondo an experienced amateur boxer, kickboxer, jujitsu competitor and grappler. Brandon brings a charismatic approach to teaching both the sport and self defense aspects of martial arts to all ages.

Bob Mattis

Owner instructor

  • Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • 37 years experience in Various Martial arts
  • Bob specializes in teaching:
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    • MMA
    • Muy Thai
    • Boxing
    • Women’s self-defense
    • Law enforcement
    • Night club and event security
    • Child anti-abduction
    • Anti-home invasion tactical pistol
    • Military

Professor Mattis Is currently a Brazilian jiujitsu third-degree black belt with experience in competing in tournaments across the country also many years of experience in event and nightclubs security.
Bob is a Pennsylvania lethal weapons agent act 235 and is special weapons and tactics S.W.A.T certified.
He has also designed a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lesson plan for a USA army support group deployed overseas in Jordan.

Ronnie Monroe II

Ronnie is a black belt in Taekwondo. He started training when he was four years old. Ronnie started competing in Olympic style Taekwondo at age 10. Before that time he only focused on forms. Ronnie has been training under Bobby Leach in Voorhees, New Jersey for the past few years. So far he has competed in and placed in over 100 tournaments. Some of the titles that he has won in the last four years are as follows: In the light division (>130) for juniors and under the feather/bantam division in the adult division. 4 times International Champ, International MVP player award, 3 time National Champ, runner up (2nd place) in senior National champ, 6 time PA State Champ, 2 time Maryland State Champ, 2 time New Jersey State Champ. (Expertise in sparring).

Maria Romano

Miss Maria holds a red belt in Taekwondo, a white belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, and has been training with us in Boxing for about 5 years.
She has 5 years of teaching experience with our Little Champs; her main focus is to have her students develop essential martial art skills.
These essential skills include a basic understanding in Taekwondo, Boxing, and Self Defense, while developing positive social skills as well as learn valuable life skills such as dealing with bullies and stranger awareness.

Competitive Edge worked with my children when they had difficulties with some poomsaes. They pride themselves on acquiring a personal relationship with the families and the instructors take special interest in your children, as do the owners of Competitive Edge. They incorporate Taekwondo instruction with a fun learning environment. Also, they are very accommodating and flexible when it comes to class schedules. My boys loved the fact that they could not only participate in Karate but they could also partake in the Jujitsu classes, all in one facility. It was like one stop shopping for me.
Margie LaSorsa