Taekwondo Programs

Competition Training provides the opportunity for students to participate in one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Olympic style Taekwondo. Each instructor is well trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of Olympic Style Taekwondo and sports specific cardio conditioning. This program develops the fitness, strength, speed, concentration, discipline, and strategy needed in the athlete. For ages 4 and above.

Little Champs - Ages 4-5

At Competitive Edge Martial Arts, our early learning Little Champs program is specifically designed to address the developmental needs and interests of preschool and Kindergarten aged children.

The Little Champs program is a martial arts skills development program that focuses on “6 Essential Skills”: In the context of these essential skills, children learn martial arts, develop positive social skills as well as learn valuable life skills such as dealing with bullies and stranger awareness. Our Little Champs program is offered during various times and dates please view our calendar, visit or call us for scheduling.

School Aged - Ages 6-11

At Competitive Edge, we instruct our school aged students using a basic philosophy of positive reinforcement to build Self Esteem, Confidence, Discipline, Positive Attitude and Values. Physical benefits include fitness, balance, coordination, and endurance. During each class children also learn self-defense against bullies and assailants. Our philosophy is that all children not just know how to kick and punch—they can become a better person. All children are provided with a highly individualized approach to gain maximum program benefits.

Teens & Adults - Ages 12 & Up

Regardless of age, current fitness level, or ability level, our students find that the benefits of the program are remarkable. Weight loss, increased fitness, confidence, stress management, and increased energy levels are some of the benefits reported by our members. Teens and adults can participate in any of the martial arts programs offered. Each adult program is specifically designed to meet the individual goals of the teen or adult student.

6Six Essential Skills

  • Focus
  • Positive Attitude
  • Fitness
  • Memory
  • Coordination
  • Self-Control
Benefits Include
  • Respect for self and others
  • Fitness
  • A desire to set and achieve goals
  • Leadership skills
  • Better grades
  • Improved focus
  • Self Discipline
  • Self Confidence
  • Increased self defense ability

It’s Never Too Late to Start!

The Teen & Adult Program at Competitive Edge is geared towards the development of a sound body and mind through training in the martial arts.

Competitive Edge worked with my children when they had difficulties with some poomsaes. They pride themselves on acquiring a personal relationship with the families and the instructors take special interest in your children, as do the owners of Competitive Edge. They incorporate Taekwondo instruction with a fun learning environment. Also, they are very accommodating and flexible when it comes to class schedules. My boys loved the fact that they could not only participate in Karate but they could also partake in the Jujitsu classes, all in one facility. It was like one stop shopping for me.
Margie LaSorsa Ambler
My two sons had been taking karate at another local school, and I was not happy with the large class sizes, and the lack of individual attention my sons were receiving. I have since switched to Competitive Edge, and I could not be happier. The amount of attention they receive is phenomenal, and their forms and focus have improved tremendously. My boys love Ms. Marie, the instructor, because she makes the classes fun for them as well as teaching them the basics. They are more physically fit and healthy now as well because of the attention focused on warm-ups and being active in class. I could not be happier at Competitive Edge, and I urge you to come in and experience it for yourself!
The Kline Family Maple Glen